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A fault confessed is half redressed

2016-08-03 16:36:19

As a professional wedding furniture manufacturer,our goal is to satisfy our clients,which means we treat every client's need seriously and try our best to serve them well.Recall the past ten years,we have been through a lot in achieving this goal.
Chris is a loyal client we've served for 10 years so far.What we mean to each other is not only a partner in business,but also a real one in life. He even became the  general agent of us in Italy.We normally transfer the enquiry from Italian client to him for disposal.Our cooporation is not limited in wooden chairs and  tables,we extend our business to other areas like purchasing resin chiavari chair and table-cloth for him and introducing some reliable suppliers of plate,bowl,oven and tent to him.
On Sep,2014,Mr Chris take a special trip to our company for a overall investigate and take some videoes and pictures of our factory's production process.But things didn't go as smoothly as we imaged.On Dec,2015,we received a routine order from Chris which include 1000 wooden chiavari chairs(with cushions).According to the contract,we need to accomplish production and loading in three weeks.However,we were quite busy with finishing orders of other clients,so we thought it was not a big deal that we delay the order of Chris  within a controllable range.It was this mind that annoy him because he couldn't explain the situation to his client.Facing this occasion,we arranged overtime work and offered a considerable discount for client.But it turned out to be meaningless.
The client showed distrust in us after this episode,which directly caused that he put off sending the final order to us time by time in Spring,2016.In the light of our creed—do our best to serve our clients,we think we should show our sincerity to the client so we told him that he didn't have to pay the front money for this deal and the final paymentcan be done after delivery.Eventually, we won the trust of client back.
Thinking back,Blossom Furnishings can't grow so rapidly without suooprt of every client,whether big or small.Every chair we sold bears faith and entrust of clients.Only when we do well in every detail and improve service constantly can we make progresses step by step.Of course we made mistakes,and we can't guarantee no mistake in future,but like a proverb in China goes,a fault confessed is half redressed.Thanks again for support of all the clients.We will chase the best of this industry in every detail,and satisfy our clients as much as we can.