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ABS corner folding table

There are a number of different folding tables on the market for hotels, banquet halls, party rental companies and other high-turnover industries where durable tables are not only a must, but a necessity.Our folding table is equipped with ABS corner, so even if there is a bump in the transportation process, it will not damage the table.If there is a bump during use, it will not damage the table.If you accidentally knock down the table while using it, it will not break the corner of the table.The corners of this table are updated and improved every year.And if the corner of the table is broken, you can change it, and the table can still be used normally after it is replaced.


Production details:

The workers are cutting the table with machines.

These are all machine-made tables with four corners cut into one piece.

Then punch the required nail holes into the finished table.

Just attach the ABS table corners to the cut.

Screw the corners of the ABS table.

The outside of the table is surrounded by aluminum edges, which makes it more durable.

This is a black side ABS corner folding table.


1.The corner are made of highly durable ABS plastic which is very structurally sturdy with the ability to stand up well to external impacts.

2.Considered the strongest folding table on the market.

3.Table legs fold for easy storage and handling.

4.Useable Indoors or Outdoors.


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E-Mail:  info@blossomfurnishings.com

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