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In 2006. Mr. Bob Tan established the small factory in Weifang city for wooden chiavari chairs and bought 3 machines for spare parts of wooden chiavari chairs that year, we only can produceabout 1000 pieces of wooden chiavari chairs monthly. 

We use handmade and hand painting workers. The production condition was quite hard that time.The main buyers mostly come from Chinese trading companies.

But we are growing strong rapidly due to the strict QC system

Extremely hard working environment at that moment

This is the workshop for painting and polishing.

This is our first client who cames from UK

                    Production Processing

Since 2008, we removed to one bigger workshop, we rent the huge warehouse from government and enlarge the production ability,

lmost we selling more than 10000 chairs to the USA, meantime, we begin to contact the oversea rental companies and try to do our own business.

Since 2011, we have our customer groups, and we can export by ourself. 

Also we establish one new banquet table factory and one new resin chair factory, 

now we have more than 3 production line for resin chiavari chairs and resin ghost chairs. 

Our wooden banquet tables also selling very well to the UK and the American market.

lmost we selling more than 10000 chairs to the USA, meantime, we begin to contact the oversea rental companies and try to do our own business.

we removed to one bigger workshop, we rent the huge warehouse from government and enlarge the production ability,


                  a better show room

In order to make cutomes have a  better place to choose and compare our products. we start a better show rome which includes almost all of our products since

October  1, 2016 . 

customer visiting

Clients from all over the world have visited our company and placed orders.