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All about farmhouse table

All about farmhouse table

Our table will be the focal point in any area of the home or the formal setting.The value of our Wood Farm Table is revealed over time. The high quality wood makes our tables sturdy and durable for many years. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. The legs are foldable which makes it easy to store and save space.


All You Need to Know About the Farmhouse Table 

Nowadays, having so many options can actually make our choice more difficult rather than easier. In order to help you with taking the rigt decisions, in this blog we will answer to a few qustions about the farmhouse table and its production process. 

1. How is the farmhouse table made?

The farmhouse table is produced in our factory in Qingdao, China. It is made of solid pine wood, which is imported from Sweden. It is a quality wood which contributes for the durability of the table. What is more, the table is handmade, with only a few seps of the process being made by a machine. Our skilled craftmen pay attention to the smallest details in order to achieve flawless look. 

The process consists of nine steps:
   1. The cutting of the raw material 
   2. The wooden planks are glued together and pressed for 2 hours
   3. The material goes through machine to be polished
   4. The table is put togehter: it is first glued and then screws are used for optimal durability
   5. The table is polished one more time by hand
   6. The legs are built 
   7. The table is varnished: 2 bottom layers and 1 coat layer of varnish
   8. The legs are installed 
   9. Clean and Pack 

 * There is a video that shows the process in detail in the end of the blog post *. 

Colour Palette for Wooden Farm Table


More characteristics: 

  • The table is available in many sizes. The traditional size is: 2,4 x 1 x 0,125 m and weights 55kg. 
  • Colours: there are 9 Colours for you to choose from 



2. Is the table suitable for outdoor use? 

Yes. The Farmhouse table can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our high quality varnish protects is from the weather conditions so you can use it outdoors. The table looks great inside your home or restaurant too. With its classic look, it is suitable for both modern-style furnishing, and also for achieving a more vintage atmosphere.


3. Which is the most suitable chair for the farmhouse table?

Again, we are facing a difficult decision: so many different chairs, so much choice. In Blossom Furnishings, we believe that any woodenchair will fit perfectly with the farmhouse table due to its simple but classy design. 

However, one of our favourite combinations is Famhouse table with the Crossback Chairs. They looke very classy togehter and can be suitable for any event or home. 


4. How is The Farmhouse table packaged and when will it be delivered? 

We pay extra attention and care when it comes to the delivery of our products. We have put a lot of effort in producing them, so we do not want them to get damaged on their way to our customers. Every table is packed with a layer of polypropylene bags, air shape and imitation leather to avoid scratching and damage during transit. For additional protection, the packaing of the table can be with or without box, depending on your own preferences. The delivery will take between 20 to 25 days after the deposit is received. 


We hope that we answered all of your questions. 
If you are still unsusre about any details, please do not hestitate to get in touch!

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