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Antique rustic solid pine folding farm tables

Antique rustic solid pine folding farm tables

Antique rustic solid pine folding farm tables
Antique rustic solid pine folding farm tables. Can be match rustic bench, can be match kinds of crossback chairs, difference size, foldable, easy to be removed.This table adds a bit of charm and naturalness to your home and activities, but overly simplistic beauty with our rustic solid fine folding farm bench.Rugged and convenient, the pin pulls out the folded leg safe underground seat and the same pin provides stability when used.


Antique rustic solid pine folding farm tables

Do you want a different wedding or party?Then choose our table.

This simple farmhouse table is really beautiful!This solid table features wooden boards, solid pine tops and folded legs!If you need to remove it, conveniently folding the leg, this solid pine folding farm table is great.The pin pulls out the folded leg and locks securely under the table.The same pins provide additional stability when using tables.Whether you want a country feel or a modern attraction, this table will give you the results you want.

Product details:

1. This is a supporting plug under the antique rustic solid pine folding farm table, which can be fixed and disassembled and installed by itself.

2.This is the detail drawing of the leg part of the solid pine folding farm table. The leg can move back and forth, and can be put away when not in use, which saves space and is easy to transport.

3.This black steel folded bar is used to make the antique rustic solid pine folding farm table more stable.

4.The other side of the black steel folded bar is bolted to the solid pine folding farm table, so it's firm.

Our 8-inch x40-inch folding farm table features a solid pine top with a 17-gauge black steel folding bar, accompanied by 2.75-inch thick legs that support its durable frame.

When not in use, the pin is pulled out and the leg is conveniently locked under the farm table for safe storage or transport.

The farm table production process

1.Our factories use good wood to make furniture, and the materials are sufficient, no matter how much we want we can immediately order production.

2.Use the machine to cut out the size of the desktop.

3.Workers are polishing the skirt board under the table to make it smoother

4.Workers use screws to secure skirt boards, and table legs

5.This is a finished, unpainted and assembled table

6.If you want to use other colors of the table, you should first paint the table

7.The worker is painting the dye

8.This is a meticulous spraying of paint by the workers

9.Spray paint, dry and assemble the table

We can also make tables in other colors. Below is our color board, you can choose, or you can customize the color you like.

Every year, customers from different countries come to visit our factory, especially our farm tables. Some customers sign contracts and place orders immediately after they come to visit our factory, and they are very satisfied with our farm tables.

Whether you want to enjoy an idyllic life in the country or try a more modern way of life, pair our pine folding farm table with the cross back chairs of the vineyard estate to turn your event site into a rural oasis.

These folding farm tables can be matched wooden folding chairs or farm bench or farm crossback chairs.

Our rustic, handmade farm tables and benches are perfect for any activity.Multi-section pine table top, bench seat and frame provide a retro rural atmosphere.The solid 4X4 legs fold easily and are stored under the table (108 inches).These tables and benches are sturdy and solid.


*18mm outer hardwood veneer top.

* 6 layers transparent polyurethane varnish :4 layers on top and 2 layers on bottom.

* flat head bolts and recessed lock nuts lock the leg for safety.

* all metal parts should be thoroughly cleaned and phosphorized to enhance paint adhesion.

* the metal parts shall be coated with thermally formed epoxy powder coating.

*These farm tables can be produced difference size, 84x40 inches, 96x40inches,108x40inches

Solid pine folding farm tables Packaging process

We package our antique rustic solid pine folding farm tables with a layer by polypropylene bags,air form and leatherette to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit.

The loading of the antique rustic solid pine folding farm tables(according to your requirements): 

Ø loading with box

Ø loading without box


The production process video


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