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Brown Color Bistro Cross Back Chair

Brown Color Bistro Cross Back Chair

We WholesaleBrown Color Bistro Cross Back Chair Worldwide.
From 2013 years,more and more customers inquired and ordered the brown color bistro cross back chairs,so we copied and designed about 4 models of brown color bistrocross back chairs depend on customers request.
Popular using in the wineyard wedding. Normally our brown color bistro cross back chairs made of solid oak or solid beech wood with standard size. Mainly 60% of our vineyard cross back chairs sold to American market and austrlian market. the seats of wooden cross back chairs can be made of solid wood,rattan, or pvc. And two models of our brown color bistro cross back chairs can be stackable, another two models could not be stackabled. During shipment, we can offer more free brown color bistro cross back for repair when the back broken. Also the wooden cross back chairs back can be metal X shape back.Will be not easy to be broken.

Stackable color bistro cross back chairs :
No-stackable color bistro cross back chairs:
Detailed information
Chair material Solid Beech wood
color white, black, mahogany, brown,  bronzy,  natural, cream, and so on
Size (A, B): 42*43*88CM;        (C, D): 42x43x88cm
Chair weight (A, B): 4.5kgs/pc;                (C, D): 4.5kgs
Loading quantity (A, B):   336pc/ 720/pc/ 820 pcs  20GP/40GP/40HQ (C, D):  720pcs/40ft HQ container 
Delivery Time 20-25 days after deposit
MOQ 200pcs


We Wholesale Brown Color Bistro Cross Back Chair Worldwide.

From 2013 years,more and more customers inquired and ordered the brown color bistro cross back chairs, 

so we copied and designed about 4 models of  brown color bistro cross back chairs depend on customers request. 

Popular using in the vineyard wedding. Normally our  brown color bistro cross back chairs 

made of solid oak or solid beech wood with standard size. 

Mainly 60% of our  brown color bistro cross back chairs sold to American market and Australasian market. 

the seats of  brown color bistro cross back chairs can be made of solid wood, rattan, or pvc. 

And two models of our  brown color bistro cross back chairs can be stack able, 

another two models could not be Stack able. During shipment, 

we can offer more free wooden cross back for repair when the back broken.





LOADING (A&B stackable, C&D unstackable)

Due to the use of free video upload function, so there will be a insert ads, please understanding

Brown Color Bistro cross chair, seat plate top cutting and simple grinding

We use a special machine, the brown color bistro cross chair seat board, the size of a very precise, one-time cut 10, and then further simple grinding, trimming, preparation for the next assembly.

Composition of brown color bistro cross chair seat board frame

Brown color bistro cross of a chair seat board, many of which are made of solid wood frame with multilayer assembly, below is a video of framework composition, 
detailed description, as you can see from the video, the machine was first put on both sides of the wood to make a cross slot, convenient assembly after a fairly strong.

 After the brown color bistro cross chair seat board is assembled, it will cut the size of the cut. 

Brown color bistro cross of a chair seat board, from the surface of the solid wood frame and multilayer board combined together, by very experienced workers, in a special machine size cutting, 
cut into the appropriate size of customer needs, very precisely, which guarantees the size of each a wooden cross of a chair seat board is exactly the same, perfect!

The testing certificate of  BROWN COLOR BISTOR  CROSS BACK CHAIR

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Stackable cross back chairs :
No-stackable cross back chairs:
Detailed information
Chair material Solid Beech wood
color white, black, mahogany, brown,  bronzy,  natural, cream, and so on
Size (A, B): 42*43*88CM;        (C, D): 42x43x88cm
Chair weight (A, B): 4.5kgs/pc;                (C, D): 4.5kgs
Loading quantity (A, B):   336pc/ 720/pc/ 820 pcs  20GP/40GP/40HQ (C, D):  720pcs/40ft HQ container 
Delivery Time 20-25 days after deposit
MOQ 200pcs


From 2013 years,more and more customers inquired and ordered the vineyard cross back chairs, 

so we copied and designed about 4 models of wooden cross back chairs depend on customers request. 

Popular using in the wineyard wedding. Normally our vineyard cross back chairs made of solid oak 

or solid beech wood with standard size. Mainly 60% of our vineyard cross back chairs sold to American 

market and austrlian market. the seats of wooden cross back chairs can be made of solid wood, 

rattan, or pvc. And two models of our wooden cross back chairs can be stackable, another two 

models could not be stackabled. During shipment, we can offer more free wooden cross back for 

repair when the back broken. Also the wooden cross back chairs back can be metal X shape back. 

Will be not easy to be broken.

“Cross back chair” isnt exactly a precise description –

 many, many dining chairs have X shaped back supports, 

but the ones in vogue these days have a very distinct appearance. 

Rather than a solid wood crisscrossing the back at perfect 90 degree angles, 

these dining chairs have two reedy, slightly more flexible pieces that are visibly affixed 

to the back and seat of the chair. The effect is slightly uneven, with cross bars that overlap the

edges of the chair and aren’t quite so pristinely finished. 

The nails or bolts that hold them in place can clearly be seen, and give the chairs a rustic, 

hand crafted appearance. Combined with weather worn wood or aged painted finishes, 

the kind of cross back dining chairs that are particularly popular now don’t just look retro, 

they look intentionally old.

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