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Classic thonet NO.14 banquet chair

Classic thonet NO.14 banquet chair

The Classic thonet no.14 chair is a natural and simple curved wooden chair. This chair is made in a special way. It is a new technology with the bending of solid wood.The price is attractive and the quality is firm and durable.This chair is also very beautiful for wedding use, it can be made into two types, one with a handle, one without a handle, and one without a handle is superimposed.


This white classic thonet NO.14 chair is one of our favorite wedding chair styles because they are incredibly versatile and add beauty to any table setting.

These chairs are also a simple solution if you want to brighten the space and add freshness to the space.

The white classic thonet NO.14 banquet chair is a timeless chair rental option that looks beautiful on almost all banquet tables.

But we can go beyond the classic combination of coloured, grey linen, wooden tables and white flowers - especially in a see-through marquee or under an intimate white patio.


Solid beech wood

Total Height


Seat Height


Width Seat






Other color

Many or you can customized


Classic thonet NO.14 Chair Packaging process

We package our Chiavari Chairs with a layer by polypropylene bags,air form and leatherette to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit.
The loading of the Chiavari Chairs (according to your requirements): 
Ø loading with box
Ø loading without box

* We also provide corresponding chair cushions of varous colours and styles. 

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