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Client satisfaction-our goal-report on business of tabletops

2016-07-19 17:39:56

On September,2015,Blossom Furnishings received an enquiry sheet from New Jersey.The prospective client just simply asked price of wooden banquet tables without providing specific model and size.Facing such a simple inquiry,our team still react quickly by offering a quotation of all the wooden folding banquet tables.We also provide the client with specific information about our factory’s facility and technique of production by sending an single e-mail at the same time in order to leave a good impression to the client.The client responded nothing about quotation and technique. He replied that he only want to buy tabletops from us and asked us if we can offer some samples to him.He offered to tell us the UPS account of their company so that we knew they are a wholesale corporation with great scale.We quickly sent our catalogue and the samples of patch and leg to them by UPS.

                                               Samples we sent to the client

The client was satisfied with all the samples.However,the client put forward two points.Firstly,he asked if we can change the material.He need two kinds of venners to paste on plywood,including plastic fireproof venner and solid venner. He provided us with 14 kinds of size and different patterns and asked us to quote price.Seeing that we haven’t exported this kind of material in large quantities,we rapidly contacted corresponding supplier and offered the client quotation.The client was quite satisfied with it.Secondly,he request us to make a certain radian at the edge of tabletops.

On January,2016,the client suddenly sent the Asian Testing Center to our factory to do inspection.The inspection focus on inspecting mechanical facility and technique of production about our wooden banquet tables.The result turned out to be satisfactory.

                                              The process of inspecting

On Feb,2016,the client sent the primary order which requires 14models of tabletop with two different material.The client asked prompt delivery by air in order to attend Furniture Fair.So we spent two weeks arranging computer programming,cutting and painting.The whole process was delayed for 2 days because we needed to wait the material from suppliers.

On March,2016,the client sent the final trial order to us which requires 2X 40 HQ container including 14 kinds of wooden banquet tabletops .We prepared fully this time with first-class original material and paint.Unfortunately,the first batch of plate appeared serious uneven painting with vertical bar on it.The examining company of the client rejected our products due to this case.Our team fell into meditation,we got our painters,masters and suppliers together to discuss the reason causing this consequence.After dramatic discussion and repeated examining,we came to a conclusion that it’s the flaw of original material during production process that causes the problem.The tabletop is not smooth no matter how hard you polish it after attaching venner.What’s to be done?Giving up the original material or put it in another area and rebuying material seems like a big loss for us,but we must do it! After talking this over with the client,he agreed to put off the delivery date.So we bought new original material quickly.

On May,2016,the new material finally came to the factory and it proves impeccable after examining.In consequence, the wooden tabletop after Industrial repression is very smooth.The completed tabletops are smooth and the painting is even.

On the end of May,2016,the client agreed to delivery after 4days 100%examining by 2employees from Asian Testing Center.Looking at the smooth tabletops and strict packaging,we are aware that the entrust from clients is the most important thing for us and attain the expectation of clients has the highest priority among all the works we do.


On July 2016, the 2X 40 HQ container,loading with hope and entrust of clients,set out from Qingdao harbor and headed for the USA.

In the coming month,Blossom Furnishings will send delegates to meet clients in America.Hoping that we can co-operate more by this turning point.