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2016-08-03 16:17:18

On the first week of July,a potential internal client called me to enquiry quotation of wooden phoenxi chair,I habitually asked for his purchasing quantity,he said that he purchased wooden phoenxi chairs for his client and the prospective number is 160.
You know our factory is quite busy that period,the workers worked overtime every day,and there are only 160 wooden phoenix chairs customzied in two colors in that order.Taking all the factors into account,it seems like unworthy.I felt like the same way that time,thinking it was gonna be a failed order.For reason one,we normally gave up those orders which didn't attain the MOQ because it's really troublesome when producing.We are wholesaler,not retailer.For reason two,we faced with great production pressure in July,the new order can't be implemented until Sep.So I was not so enthusastic in answering his question on QQ,but I still replied to  him patiently regarding his questions.Customer is god,after all.
I sent him many photos of production and factory.I could see we impressed him deeply. The client was quite satisfied with us except the delivery date,but we can't skipit.What if we arrange this small order ahead of present orders?Unfair for other clients and go against our principle.So how to continue?
We implied that there are same model but different material phoenix chairs avaliable if they had urgent need for wedding.We could use resin chairs to replace phoenix chairs,they are same color and all suitable for weddings.More importantly,we had ready stock for the client's need. This new cheered him up and he enquiried the quotation again,Knowing that the resin chairs cost 6$ more than wooden chairs,he said he needed to consider it and demanded for PI from me.It seemed like that he was gonna decided it with his client.On July,23th,the client told me on QQ that he was gonna pay.On  July,24th,we received the bank receipt.The client paid the full price for the order which includes 300 pieces of resin phoenix chairs customzied in four colors.
Communication is a big factor when doing business for we can't come up with optimal solution without thorough communication.
It happens a lot that our salesman can't strike a deal because of ambiguous communication.Good communication is the source of trust.We all know we can't do business without trust.Now we are doing quality test again and packaging goods in dezignated shipping mark according to the requirement of client.