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Crystal stacking phoenix chair

Crystal stacking phoenix chair

In 2018, a growing number of catering and decoration companies, including event coordinators and event enthusiasts, have switched to new, modern and improved phoenix chair designs.The elegant design creates an awesome and elegant look.The crystal stacking phoenix chair has become one of our company newest plastic products.These simple but elegant chanel chairs are great for weddings, outdoor elegant garden events, corporate events and more.Crystal stacking phoenix chair design and design comes with a little bit of sophistication and offers your options to beautify your event with our newly developed chairs.Our chanel chairs are lightweight and easy to assemble and move.


Crystal stacking phoenix chair

The Crystal stacking phoenix chair, also known as the chanel chair, is a stunning chair, more modern than the chairs of Louis or Napoleon, but it still has that chic look.It is made of high quality resin and its back is like a double fish so it is also called a fish back chair.


1. Once done, no painting or dyeing is required

2. Uv treatment to prevent fading and discoloration

3. Lightweight design, already assembled and moved

4. . Applicable to any indoor or outdoor venue

The production process:

Crystal stacking phoenix Chair Packaging process

We package our crystal stacking phoenix Chairs with a layer by polypropylene bags,air form and leatherette to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit.

The loading of the Chiavari Chairs (according to your requirements): 

Ø loading with box
Ø loading without box

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E-Mail:  info@blossomfurnishings.com

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