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Customized Chateau Chairs

2016-04-08 13:53:57

We welcome our customers to custom styles and sizes, if the customer can give us the drawings, and even physical samples, we will appreciate, recently we have to customers in their unique style and copy chateau chair, there is a big difference with the general customers the castle chair castle chair size and structure,and even the flowers type of metal screws, there are a lot of different, this is a new challenge for our team, after receiving the task, we have used the failure of the traditional manual way, we use CNC independent engraving cutting, many places greatly improved, the manual correction later Plus customers disassembly castle chair we soon reached. Although we spent a lot of time and energy and money to do this sample, but this is a good beginning, customer satisfaction is our goal.
Chateau Chair parts
Chateau Chair parts have strict standards
The assembled semi-finished Chateau Chair
Chateau Chair the final polishing
Chateau Chair waiting for painting
Chateau Chair