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Differences between UK & American Standard Chiavari and Cross-back Chairs

2018-07-30 16:52:12

The chiavari chairs and crossback chairs are two of our most popular products. For this reason, we aim to provide as many variations of the products as possible. For the two chair types we offer both USA and UK chair styles. Many of  our customers have been asking about the difference between them, so with this blog post we hope to answer to your questions.

The two chair styles come in a wide variety of colors to fit in any decor and with their simplicity, they add the touch of elegance to your wedding or any special event. Our chairs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Chiavari Chairs: 


UK Style

US Style


Beech Wood

Locust tree Wood


39cm (approximately)

43cm (bigger than the UK standard)

Support Bars

4 support bars

7 support bars


Fireproof Hardboard Cushion*
*According to UK standards

Standards Soft

Despite the reduced number of support bars of the UK Style Chaivari Chair, it is extremely stable and durable. Both chair styles have a bearing of 300kg. 

Cross-Back Chairs


UK Style

US Style


Both Chair Styles can be produced with Oak wood or beech wood, depending on customer’s preferences.


 Top Back rest usually bent   downwards

 Top Back rest usually bent   upwards


 39 cm

 Construction: The plywood   seat completely covers the   solid wood seat frame.
*only rattan seat is inserted   in the frame


 Plywood seat is inserted in   the solid wood frame


 Preferred colours are   simple and mattified (such   as   limewash).

 Preferred colours are more bright and shiny (gold and silver).
 Hand-scraped chair styles   also popular.


The UK and US chair styles have small differences in between, but they are  in general very similar. Both styles can be customized in any aspect, depending on customer's requrements. 
We hope we have covered all questions. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!