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Honesty is gold

2016-07-26 16:47:40

By an accidental oppoturnity,I accompanied my Australian client to vist  some exhibition spots of wooden chiavari chairs,resin chiavari chairs and aluminum chiavari chairs during furniture fair.Certainly we can produce most of these chairs,but considering every factory differs in models and advantages,I asked for few suppliers' wechat and communicated with them some times during the fair.
In April,2016,a famous supplier in Hebei called me in order to introduce a client to us,which shocked me a lot because apparently there is a competitive relationship about banquet furniture between us.How was that possible?Nevertheless,I talked with her,certainly in a doubtful attitude,she said that she regards us as a professional furniture manufacturer and she is willing to introduce her old client to such a serious supplier because what the client wanted,wooden banquet chairs,is not in the list of their production anymore.I greatly appreciated her and then contacted with this Canadan client.Due to the help of the former supplier,the lient showed huge enthuiasm the moment I started talking with him.The client enquiried a quotation of wooden folding chairs,wooden chiavari chairs, wooden chanel chairs and resin victoria chairs in three colors and accepted our quotation very soon.It will be a  two super-height containers  order if done.What a big order and what a frank client!We must offer our 100% effort for this kind of client!
Then the client asked for a sample about the color of wooden chanel chairs and remitted immediately for expense of sample and transit.We finished the sample in a week and sent it to Canada.The client was quite satisfied with the sample and officially placed the order.The front money was paid then.Everything went smoothly.
The production of wooden chairs was very smooth,we strived to meet evry requirement of client,like cutting,polishing,installing,painting,packaging,cushion and seat cover.We kept interacting with client by taking photos and videos of production to let client know what' going on.
However,bad thing happened the day before deliverying.Our QC team told me that there was some flaws on victoria ghost chairs.It was some so humble bubble on the back that nobody will notice it if don't abserve carefully. So there are two roads in front of us:keeping it a secret and deliverying the goods,which will be fine if the client don't find out,though immorally,or telling the client truth and taking the risk of delaying the delivery date and annoying client .How do we do?
After thinking carefully,we decided to tell the client truth because we can't stand up with cheating clients!  We suggested delaying the delivery date and offered compensation for him.The client replied rapidly,"you are too honest, we like this way !"  He agreed to wait for another 10 days,which gave us enough time to redress our fault.Thanks god,what a nice client.
Honesty is gold.It's the most valuble wisdom in business for it establishes the bridge of trust connecting clients and suppliers.
On July,27th,all the goods were packaged in containers and ready for deliverying.Waiting for response of client when he gets the goods.