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How to set up a successful soccer club party

2016-08-30 18:17:07

Qingdao E-commerce FC, an amateur team is increasingly strong in which the number of player surges continuously. Players are required to be the member of chamber of ecommerce, be the owner of companies and enjoy soccer. The team gathers over 30 owners of companies from all kinds of industries about import and export, logistics, finance and payment platform. 

Qingdao E-commerce FC had been founded for three years on August 27th in 2016. Members of the team prepared well to arrange to celebrate the 3rd anniversary. What a wonderful day.

Most importantly, thank Bob Tan, the owner of Qingdao Blossom furnishings Limited for sponsoring the following chairs and tables.

The party was hold in the private villa where there is a swimming pool and lawn in the day of blue sky and white cloud.

There were plenty of theme activities including:

Most members of ecommerce chamber took active part in the celebration for 3rd anniversary.

Bosses were interested in the hairpiece fashion and put on hairpiece comparing the beauty with each other in the exclusive bus. Of course, joy and happiness abounded in the whole bus.

Everyone took pictures of single and group in honor of the 3rd aniversary. And owners all took pride in their own logo of company.

The fiercest activity was playing futnet. Everyone warmed up and prepared well. Look, the heading over there was brilliant.


 You know, loser in the playing card needed to be punished in some way.But the way was confidential!!!

The coolest movement was playing volleyball in water. Players understood the delightfulness because of the previously high temperature in Qingdao.

Look, they were fighting for cutting cakes. I was watering, so gave me a piece at once.

The team arranged the authentic western restaurant. How professional. All kinds of wooden chairs, resin chairs and tables were suitable for the atmosphere.Then they had dinner with fascinating aura.

Cheers! Who won the drinks games?

Then they were divided into two groups for the Christmas Cup in advance. The name was written down on the board as the memory.

You named any song, I sang it. He recorded me.

In the deep night, everyone was reluctant to leave here. You could see the silent water surface of the pool. Mixing up the moonshine and light of LED, the beautiful scenery was more pleasing. Who would like to go!!! 

The unparalleled experience was wholly recorded by the video so that I am sure it will rock you definitely.