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NO.18 bentwood thonet chair

The back of this chair adopts the unique method of bending. It is bent with its own mold. After bending, it is fixed on the mold for 72 hours and placed in the kiln.You can bend without bouncing, and the back can be made into a whole bar.The designers name is Thonet NO. 18, which is slightly different from the previous NO.14.Small arms on both sides of the chair are designed so that the original chair cannot be stacked on top of each other.In addition, the structure of this seat plate is also relatively strong.Sometimes this chair is also called a double n chair, which means the back is like a two letter n.


The NO.18 bentwood Thonet chair by Michael Thonet offers a beautiful option in commerial grade seating.Considered to be the definitive Thonet bentwood chair,this is one of the most successful chair designs ever produced. With versatile seat options,this timeless classic features the elegance and functionality that is bentwood.

Production details:

1.This is the mold for the back of the NO.18 Thonet chair. Our factory has its own unique tool, which is bending with the mold. It is fixed on the mold for 72 hours.

2.This is the back of the NO.18 Thonet chair that is made into shape. After processing, it can bend without bouncing back, and the back can be made into a whole bar.

3.These are no. 18 solarite chairs that have been moulded, and the logs have not been spray-painted.

4.Here is the finished no. 18 sauernett chair, spray-painted, sanded, polished.

Today, the A18 Bentwood chair is widely used in cafes, restaurants, offices and homes.Thonet no.18 bentwood chair is ideal for any coffee shop. It is charming, practical and timeless.The chair is light and easy to move, so waiters can easily move them around, the curved wood is durable, and easy to clean, Thonet no.18 bentwood chair became an iconic design.You can see it in cafes all over the world.

Color and materials:  Dark Oak,Walnut,natural oak,black and white

Options:   Embossed seat pattern,hand woven cane seat,barstool and upholstered seat pad.

Custom finishes:   Paint colour,stains and tints


We package the iron crossback chair with a layer by polypropylene bags,airform and leatheriod to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit. Also,how many pieces are put in one carton and they adjustable by negotiation. The loading of the wooden farmhouse bar table (according to your requirements)

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