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Outdoor Solid Wood Folding Banquet Table Wedding Table

Outdoor Solid Wood Folding Banquet Table Wedding Table

The outdoor folding banquet table is made of solid wood. The legs are foldable which allows easy storage. It is very practical, but also sturdy and beautiful. It is widely used in hotels, conference halls, banquet halls and other places because of the features of saving space and being easy to move.
Being made of solid wood, the table has a unique fragrance and the visual effect of log is very pleasing to the eye. It gives a sense of being close to the nature and allows people to relax.


We have many shapes of outdoor solid wood folding wedding tables:

This is a round shape, round tables are a classic shape for intimate events, because guests can all see each other and the shape promotes conversation.


Commercial grade wood folding tables from features bolt - through the legs assembly (meaning you will see the table at the top of the drift bolt), as well as the standard of thick steel folding legs, will ensure that the use and solid returns for many years, your investment.



This round solid wood folding banquet table can be used indoors or outdoors.A round solid wood banquet folding table symbolizes happy reunion.


This table is a rectangle solid wood banquet folding table.Rectangular folding table is used for buffet dinner.Most outdoor weddings have a buffet style.



We provide you with the largest variety of sizes and shapes, so you can provide creative activity layouts and high quality tables for your customers or guests.



From the production of materials, cutting, grinding, assembly, polishing, spray painting every detail there are professional workers.

There are lots of venues for outdoor weddings.Resorts, country houses or their own homes, western restaurants and cafes, outdoor lawns or beaches, even yachts and golf courses are unique places to eat.

Company introduction:

Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited is the best professional supplier in Shandong province of China. We have office in Qingdao city center for custom documents and salesman.We also have our own factory.Our factory is the best in Shandong province with four buildings:office building,storage and manufacturing shop of resin chairs which could produce more than 4000 piece chairs per day.


The last is the outdoor solid wood folding banquet table and wedding table manufacturing with double-deck.The first floor is cutting and assembling shop,the second floor is for spraying paint.

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We have professional customer service,please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our customer service staff will answer you questions in details. Including workmanship,materials,color,design,transportation and any other problems.


Our workers have packed the table in a very strict way with packing film.


We also use cardboard packaging outside of the packaging, which is not damaged during transportation.

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