Chair cushions/ Linen chair cover/ table clothes

Chair cushions/ Linen chair cover/ table clothes

We also can offer kinds of cushions , pads, cover and table clothes, each items including difference color and difference material.We wholesale Chair cushions/pads/cover & table clothes worldwide. Normally cushion can be made of sponge, zipper, fabric. Another is made of pu leather , sponge, zipper. You can choose the model from the following items and tell us the models number. Also if you have your own design of logo, we can show it on the cover or table clothes. Chairs cover we have A to F models. Chair cushions we also have A to F models, recently, we producing cushion bags, two models of cushion bags, one cushion bags can load 10 to 12 cushions, another cushion bags can load 25 cushions.

Chair cushions/ Linen chair cover/ table clothes - Catloge

  • Chiavari Chair Cushions

    Chiavari Chair Cushions

    Chiavari chair cushions, soft fabric chiavari chairs cushion, chiavari chair cushion standard made of soft sponge and difference color of fabric, mainly matching the wooden chiavari chairs and resin chiava...

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  • Vinyl Chiavari Chair Cushions

    Vinyl Chiavari Chair Cushions

    Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited has its own factory to produce vinyl chiavari chairs cushions and pads, our chiavari cushion with nice plywood base and vinyl fabric covered sponge, our vinyl chiavari c...

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  • Burlap Cushion For Chiavari Chair

    Burlap Cushion For Chiavari Chair

    Burlap cushion for chiavari chair,Burlap cushion for chiavari chair is difference with normal fabric chiavari chair cushion, made of burlap, looks so natural, norally with match with ties not velcro, our c...

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  • Fabric Wood Base Cushion

    Fabric Wood Base Cushion

    Fabric wood base cushion, from the pictures, you see this style of fabric wooden base cushions for wooden bentwood chairs, we call as thonet chairs. The fabric wood base cushion made of plywood base, high ...

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  • Tufted Vinyl Wood Base Cushion

    Tufted Vinyl Wood Base Cushion

    Tufted Vinyl Wood Base Cushion, vinyl wood base tufted chiavari chair cushion, wood-backed cushions-vinyl-tufted, hard tufted vinyl chiavari chair cushions normally matching resin chiavari chairs and resin...

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  • Spandex Chair Cover

    Spandex Chair Cover

    Our colorful spandex chair covers more than 30 colors, these spandex chair covers including spandex chiavari chairs covers, spandex folding chair cover, stretch spandex banquet chair cover, stretch spandex...

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  • Chiavari Chair Cover

    Chiavari Chair Cover

    Qingdao Blossom Furnishings limited Producing and selling kinds of chiavari chair covers, including difference material, TC fabric, felt material. We prepare lots of ready stock of difference fabric in our...

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  • Chiavari Chair Cushion Bags

    Chiavari Chair Cushion Bags

    Chiavari Chair Cushion Bags,large chiavari chairs cushion bags,in order to easy to hold the chiavari chairs in warehouse, we supply standard size of chiavari chiavari chair cushion bags, these bags can sto...

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  • Folding chair covers

    Folding chair covers

    Firstly, you can put your own logo on the folding chair cover,so when you rent the chairs, after wedding show, it is easy to move your own chairs, and you have make one AD during transporation. Right? Our ...

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  • Table Linens & Tablecloths

    Table Linens & Tablecloths

    Table Linens & Tablecloths, we offer one stop solution for wedding products, wedding decoration products including tablecloths, table runner, spandex cover, placemats and special event fabric, widely size ...

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