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Removable seat resin louis chair

It is an honor for us to introduce you to our Chinese company which is a professional furnishing supplier. Our goal is to offer you high quality products with the best service. So, I present you one of our most beautiful product which is: Removable seat resin Louis chair
.The seat board can be dismantled, and the back of the resin Louis chair can be disassembled, and the chair can be superposed, which meets the needs of many customers storage, and when it is stacked up, it is not easy to scratch the seat cushion. As a professional manufacturer of resin Louis chair, we take full account of the real needs of customers, including warehousing needs and every detail of transport demand..Here is some information !!!


Inspired by the French design, the round back king Louis chair will add a lot to your next event.The unique seating as a bride and groom or head table, or providing this luxurious seating for all guests, makes it a special thing.


The stackable king Louis chair features a wire-brushed oak frame with a narrow back seat design that allows for space-saving nesting.The removable seats can be cleaned and protected on site while stacked.


Resin Louis pop chair is a rock wedding and party scene.The transparent oval back is ultra-modern.Super thick vinyl MATS provide maximum comfort."Pure" grade resin, longer service life.


The cushions and oval backs are removable and replaceable, so you can change the look or repair the damaged chairs.The Louis Pop chair can be used to entertain all wedding guests.


We can also do other colors and types of lewis chairs, as shown in the picture below.



* foldable, space-saving design

* solid wood oak frame

* detachable seat cushions stack

* the chair frame is made of polypropylene (high quality resins).

* save time and money and reduce maintenance time.

* non-stick, anti-static finish.

*Made form RESIN polypropylene frame

*Top strength and durability

*High stack capacity to save storage space

*Optional for clear back,leather padded back and fabric padded back

*Back and seat cushions interchangeable

*Elegant for all kinds of high end events

*A variety of colors available


As much as possible on the www.blossomfurnishings.com website, we easily online ordering the king Louis of stackable chair.With plenty of discounts and free shipping deals, you know you're getting incredible value.If you have any information about your purchase, or any other products sold in our store, our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are here to help.And, whether you want to buy equipment for your event company or stackable louie king chairs for your venue, we will have all the event equipment you need.


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