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Take every inquiry seriously

2016-08-03 15:49:02

On 18th,April,2005,a client saw information about our company on google and contacted us soon.He enquiried quotation  of Napoleon chairs  and we reacted quickly.We knew that he was purchasing for his clients after communication.The client browsed our web all along during that period and it didn't take long before he enquiried again,This time he would like to have a look of samples of chiavari chairs.
Normally we will ask clients for the cost of samples and delivery to test their sincerity and this client offered his frankly by paying 200$ for the cost.We choosed a famous transpotation company to delivery sample chairs ,a cushion and two catalogs.A few days later,the client replied that he received the samples and they are in good quality,however,the only unpleasant thing is that the legs are broken during transit.The client said he knew it was transit company's fault,not ours,caused this situation.He said he would explain it to his client.He didn't contact me for almost a month, I tried  one time after the first week but got nothing.
The next month the client enquiried Napeloen chairs again,so I sent some pictures showing structure and quality of chairs and process of production,but the story paused again.I tried many times but he always replied that his client hadn't placed an order.Another month passed and the client showed up again,this time he asked for information about chiavari chairs.You can image how desperate I'm that time.Holding the pessimistic attitude towards this deal,I still persist on answering his questiones,rapidly and professionally,even in the midnight.The client showed appreciation for my patient answering and professional spirit,which gave me a illusion that we were gonna  make it.I replied that we can't stand firmly in this area without professional spirit.We chatted a lot but then lost each other again.
About two months later the client inquiried quotation of chiavari chairs.I sent a copy to him,he praised us for our specific and professional quotation sheet.I responsed to him that it's our creed to do the best.The client enquiried many kinds of chairs,but still didn't place orders.
Around Mar,2016,he started contacting me again.I asked him if he was ready to place an order.He replied maybe later.Few days later he enquiried about chiavari of washed white and gold and cushions.
A small order,which took a long time ,finally settled.The official time of order was May,2016,which means it takes us 13 months to finish this order.
Experiencing all of this by myself,I felt like that we can't neglect every inquiry from our clients.It still could be an experience even if failed.We believe that customers will choose the optimal manufacturer as long as they have real need.All we have to do is doing our part well and grasp the oppoturnity.