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There is no good or bad customer, except service

2017-06-09 11:55:02

There is no good or bad customer, but service really is.

Visit of the rich from Africa

On an ordinary afternoon of 2nd February, news from WhatsApp excited me that the customer from Swaziland keeping in touch for long time had already been in Guangzhou.

He asked how far it is from our factory to Guangzhou. Actually, he inquired details about resin Sophia chairs many times, but he did not place any order. To be the truth, I complained about it. Out of politeness, I told him it took about four hours to take a plane.

And I hoped he could spare time to visit our factory. But because of long distance and busy work, he quit it. At the same time, I immediately decided that I would like to fly to Guangzhou to visit them tomorrow and asked when it fitted him.And he said they were free on the afternoon of 21st, he asked me to take two samples properly ready in my office including resin belle chair and resin sophia chair. Then my colleague packed them and I booked the earliest flight ticket which is only one left and without any discount as well as local picking taxi and I also reserved the same star class hotel as his. Next I informed him that we would arrive at Guangzhou on the afternoon of 21st.

I got up at five clock on the morning of 21st and took the flight at seven clock.

I took the taxi to the customer living hotel after the plane landed. I arrived at the hotel at about 1pm and there is span to the appointing time, so I washed my hands and had lunch informally. Then I called him, to find he bought air conditioning and went back to the hotel now.

I waited for them with patience and then opened the package in order to show the whole chairs for customers. He returned to the hotel until about 6 clock in the evening. He was a tall gentleman. After talking for a while, he said his wife and he were so hungry and they needed to eat something at the moment. As a gentleman, I said no problem. In fact, I had not eaten dinner but I had to wait for them.

At this time, I took two chairs to his room. The amber belle chair was particularly beautiful under the shining of the light and the white sophia chair showed its elegant aura.

He immediately decided to buy the belle chair after communicating with him, but he worried if the chair was stout. I told him that we had SGS test report at once and I made a treading test on the spot, so he trusted me.

He asked how many chairs can load for 40H container and I said 720pcs belle chairs. Belle chairs were so popular and to be the best seller and clients from USA had already placed orders several times.

Then I help him make fund budget and he was polite, kind and satisfied with our products. After that he said he would pay for these chairs next Tuesday and I tried to ask him if they could give us a part of cashes as deposit so that I immediately arranged ready products at workshop. He paid $ 2,000 directly and I made receipt carefully.

Then we took photos together and I left his room taking samples.

This is a very pleasant business trip. As long as customer gives us chances, we should try our best to strive for them. And we can not treat customers with stereotype. Besides, superior product quality is a powerful weapon, as well as wonderful service.

As an old saying goes, action speaks louder than words.


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