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Tolix chair barstool

The benches at the toleks bar are stylish and commercial
This is a lightweight, easy to maintain stackable option.Originally designed in 1934, the Xavier Pauchard Tolix stool has become a popular choice for homes and businesses because of its strength rather than style.Some things never go out of fashion, and that is the case with the Trattoria bar stool.Perfect for everything from a relaxed family lounge and bar to a casual counter in your stylish kitchen, this stool offers commercial class durability and an inviting style.


Product details

Drain hole in seat

This tolix chair barstool has an oval hole on the seat plate, and this hole is for outdoor use. If it rains, don't worry, the chair will be soaked by rain, and rain will flow out of the hole.This hole also has another function, can be used as the hand hole, when the handle is very convenient.

The horizontal brace under the seat provides additional stability

There is a metal tube link between each of the four legs of the tolix chair barstool, which is soldered, will not have screws, and each place is smooth and sturdy.

Cross support seat protection

The tolix chair barstool has two cross-linked metal tubes under it, which are welded to the legs of the four chairs. This will protect the tolix chair from being damaged when stacked, and also improve the stability of the tolix chair barstool, making the chair bearing better and stronger.

The tolix chairs barstool have rubber floor MATS under their four legs to protect them from scratches on the hard floor surface.

The edge of the tolix chair barstool is very smooth, and the workers polish it very carefully. It will not scratch the skin or clothes. It will be very comfortable to sit on.


Load capacity: 330 LBS

Seating area Dimension: 12" x 12"(L x W)

Seat Height:29.5 inches

Overall Dimension: 17" x 17" x 29.5"(L x W x H)

These tolix chair barstools are very durable and can be piled up to 8 metres high.It's easy to store after a day of activity.

The colors of these striking tolix chair barstools remain understated, keeping a low profile on the smooth surface.They have a sturdy four-legged design that offers a rustic but modern look.This style is available in many colors.There are seven bright colors to choose from.Black, blue, stone gray, red, white, silver and yellow.

The metal chair is painted with powder or galvanized.The former is mainly used for indoor use, when not used should prevent moisture and bring into the room.Suitable for outdoor use, the latter weather-ability option should not be left outside for a long time.

Tolix also designed the H stool.It's simple, but also cool and chic.If it can double as a bar, it could be the perfect choice for kitchen island.

Without a backrest, you can sit on a bar stool facing either side, giving you the flexibility to interact with people around you at all times.The sturdy steel structure provides high strength while all the pedals add extra seat enjoyment.

This stylish tolix chair bar stool is great for offices, cafes and kitchens.This tolix chair bar stool design is simple, clean, give a person the biggest comfortable feeling, when do not use convenient store.

When fully assembled, the tolix chair barstool includes an unmarked foot cap to protect your floor and provide stability.The tolix chair barstool is made of electroplated metal and durable.The tolix chair's legs are tapered and easy to stack and store.


- suitable for indoor/outdoor use

- sheet metal frame to avoid the risk of bending

- strong structure, cross-bracing under the seat

- stackable space savings

- the plastic cover protects your floor from scratches

- smooth handle hole design, breathable and easy to move

- each metal bar stool is well assembled and easy to clean

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