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Visit Our Factory and Spend The Day in Qingdao

2018-07-26 15:51:28

Factory Visits and a few more ideas how to spend a few days in Qingdao

You have a few days do spare? Come visit our lovey city Qindao and while you are here, stop by our factory to see for yourself the quality and excellence of our products. This blog post will suggest a sample itinerary in Qingdao, including a visit to our factory.

First, a little bit more about BlossomFurnishings ..

Our factory is located in Shandong province and it is one of the best wooden and resin chair factories in the area. We are very proud of our facilities and our doors are always open to anyone who is interested in our products and wants to see how they are made and test them themselves.
It consists of four buildings: office building, storage facilitites, a manufacturing unit with a testing laboratory and a showroom.


The first floor of the manufacturing unit is where the wood is first cut and polished and carefully assembled afterwards. On the second floor are our spray – paining facilities and testing facilities. We perform dropping tests, back and seat impact test, and overall furniture test and many more.

The factory has a capacity of 4000 chairs per day and we export to more than 28 countries around the world.  


We highly recommend a visit to Qingdao. It is a lively city on the east coast of China. With its wonderful beaches and many tourist attractions, there is always plenty to do and see.

At your arrival in Qingdao, someone from our team will come to pick you up and bring you to the factory. There, you will be given a tour and you will have the opportunity to see how our chairs are made from scratch, with a lot of attention and care. All our wooden products are finished by hand and are carefully examined to the smallest detail. You will have the opportunity to see our test facilities and to see yourself all the assessments our chairs go through. We will be happy to answer to any questions you may have and show you our wide range of products.


After your visit to the factory, we recommend that you spend a day or two exploring Qingdao. We have prepared a few suggestions of places you might want to visit.
In the late afternoon and early evening, May 4th square looks magical. All the lights come to live and light up the whole city with a special glow. Walk by the sea, while enjoying the  show on the skyscrapers and you will reach the marina city. There you can find some rooftop restaurants to enjoy both traditional Chinese food and western specialities, together with a breath-taking view of the marina and Olympic centre.

If you wish to stay for another day, a walk along the beach and Zhanqiao Bridge  is the perfect way to spend a relaxing day. In the afternoon, great places for shopping are Taidong pedestrian street and Jimo Lu City market.


For the more adventurous, wishing to escape the city life, a day out at the Laoshan mountain may sound better. Less than an hour away from Qindgao, the mountain amazes everyone with the stunning views from the top. It hosts eight Taoist temples and numerous waterfalls and nature views.



Qingdao is a great city and definitely worth visiting. If you wish to visit our factory, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange a tour.