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Why Choose Us ?

2018-07-04 16:17:34

In Blossom Furnishings, we offer high quality products at a reasonable price.Unlike many beliefs, not all chairs are the same. Many companies use a low price to attract customers and beat competition. Unfortunately, behind the low prices, there is nothing but low quality and badly made products.

Imported material for wooden tables

In this blog post, we have put together the top 10 reasons why you should choose Blossom Furnishings and our products.

1. High Quality Products
In Blossom Furnishings we are very proud to deliver products of highest quality and standards. We work with only with high quality materials, most of which are imported from Europe. We produce in our own factories with a specifically designated quality control team that strictly checks the production.  

2. Short Delivery Time
We have large stocks of our most popular products, so that they are ready to ship as soon as an order is palced. Moreover, products come to you straight from the factory which makes delivery times shorter compared to other companies and we always aim to deliver on time. Delivery for wooden products takes about 4 weeks and for plastic and resin: 2 weeks.

3. Reasonable Pricing
Our prices are very reasonable for the quality we offer. We pay our employees living wages and we use responsibly sourced materials.

4. Own test facility
Apart from high qulality, safety is very important for us. In our Qingdao factory we have our own test facility in which we thoroughly check all the products before packing them and shipping them to customers.

5. Warranty
All of our products  come with a 2-year warranty. For the first year, we provide a full warranty and we are happy to replace any product if there is a problem. From the end of the first year untill the end of the second, the warranty is limited: we can send replacement parts, paint or offer some advice on how to fix the issue.
Moreover, with every order we provide the customers with 3% supplementary screws and small parts, in case a replacement is needed in the future.

6. Customer Service
Our customers are the most important for us. We are available for assistance through
 email or phone calls and in our office in Qingdao. If our custom
ers are unsure of how a product looks, we are ready to provide them with a free sample. Moreover, our after-sales team makes sure that all our customers are satisfied with their products.
7. Assistance with documents
Part of our services includes professional help with documents for export and import, which can be very useful for firms with little or no experience on the international market.
8. Small and new customers- friendly
We often provide support and help to smaller companies. Blossom furnishings can combine a few smaller orders in one container and distribute them all at once or simply refer smaller firms to our larger customers.
Customised Chairs for The bride and groom

9. We Offer the Latest Trends
Our R&D team is making sure that we stay ahead of trends and offer the latest products in the market. We are more than happy to offer you some advice and insight of the furnishing and events world.

10. Customization
In Blossom Furnishing we want to make you feel special and satisfied, therefore we offer product customization. Whether it is a specific colour or chair engraving with consumer’s initials or logo, we can transform your ideas into a reality.