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Wooden slat folding chair 1945

If you are looking for a reliable folding chair, take a look at our folding chairs. Our folding chairs are perfect for any activity you do outdoors or indoors.The wood of this folding chair gives people a very natural feeling. This natural feeling is suitable for any theme activity in spring and summer.The ability to fold chairs at the end of an activity can make cleaning up a field faster, easier, and easier to store.Our folding chair is made of beech wood, so it is light and easy to carry.These chairs are also very durable, so you do not have to worry about breaking them by folding them many times.


Wooden slat folding chair 1945 production technology

This is a wooden slat folding chair 1945 with the back legs of the machine, which is polished very smooth.

This is the front leg of the wooden slat folding chair 1945, and the workers make the holes according to the precise size.

The wooden slat folding chair 1945 seat plate, polished and perforated, is a very standard size.

We make corresponding colors according to the customer's pictures or actual samples for the customer's confirmation. Every step is extremely rigorous.

This is the CNC machinery in our factory to ensure all parts, parts and sizes are standard.

If there is a large number of orders, we use static wire spraying.

This wooden slat folding chair was used in weddings, graduations and various events before plastic and metal became the norm.

The wooden slat folding chair 1945 are attractive and everyone says they are comfortable.These are well worn after years of use, but they are still very sturdy and good working conditions.

This wooden slat folding chair 1945 is very practical and easy to operate.They stack pretty flat, so you can fit 150 or more in a van.


1. Space-saving chairs: specially designed and folded.Folded flat and compact, easy to store, perfect chair space is small.

2.  The strength and stability of wooden chairs are reinforced by multi-metal components

3. Easy to clean and do not require assembly, wooden chair, curved seat, for indoor and outdoor use

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