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Wooden square folding tables

Wooden square folding tables

This wooden square folding table is very useful because it can be stored instantly and is easy to carry.This durable table was built for hotels, banquet halls, training rooms and seminars.Not only is the table durable enough to be used for rigorous business purposes on a daily basis, the table can also be used at home to make personal party plans.


Birch Plywood Top

Wooden square folding tables have become increasingly popular in recent years.Premier league plywood folding table features "thick birch plywood with a contemporary look to polish.Birch plywood has excellent strength and rigidity related properties, and performs best in applications requiring high strength.

Boss and Mate Locking Mechanism

The rustproof cross-bones legs are used to keep the wooden square folding table stable and balanced.The steel frame of 16 specifications is characterized by the convex platform and the first mate locking mechanism, which fixes the folding table in the appropriate place, while being used.A solid core top is fixed with decorative nails for extra strength.

Vinyl or Metal Edging

The vinyl nose trim gives the table style, as well as protection.The vinyl edge not only makes the folding table sleek and unique, but also prevents it from sagging or damaging when dropped.The vinyl material won't chip or tear, leaving the affordable folding table looking brand new.Metal edges are available.

These wooden square folding tables have become popular in recent years.To build them properly, we used exterior grade plywood, bolted-on treadmills and legs.These are workstations that provide years of quality service.

Our wooden square folding table is the first choice for hotels, restaurants, cafes and banquets.Provide folded American wishbone legs, coated with black powder to prevent moisture.There is a heavy PVC protective strip around the edges to protect the desktop from damage when moving and storing.Small folding tables are also great for wedding gift tables or to show off your wedding cake.

Many customers use both round tables and square tables in the event space, creating a unique and different atmosphere.Using both types of tables can break the monotony of large event Spaces with many tables.

Attractive black-powder coated wishbone legs are made of steel no. 18, locked and neatly folded for transport and storage when used.When you need to move the floor, the protective floor cap protects your floor by smooth sliding.This durable, easy-to-clean table is commercially available for use in banquet halls, convention centers and trade shows.

The square wooden folding table's legs are cross-arm folded table legs with foldable locks to increase stability.The legs are powder coated gray, made of 18 specification (1.2 mm) steel tubes.The leg also has an unmarked foot to prevent leaving signs of wear or wear on the floor. 

Square wooden folding table can be used indoors or outdoors and is suitable for any device that requires a durable wooden folding table.


* top with 3/4-inch thick Russian birch

* "golden" color top with polyurethane protection

* legs and runners are bolted to the top instead of delayed tightening

* folded legs are "wishbone" style

* 16 gauge steel with inserts to protect the floor

* low humidity on the top, longer service life, better use effect

After fully open, keep your legs in place

* bosses and spouses have robotic legs

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