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Wooden widsor chairs

The Windsor chair is a solid wooden chair in which the back and legs of the chair are circular or pushed into holes, in contrast to the standard chair, which has a continuous back and back column.The seat cushions of the Windsor chair are often carved into the shape of a platter or saddle to increase comfort.Traditionally, legs and columns are usually rotated on a pole lathe.Back and sometimes arm fragments (if there are arms) are formed by steam-bent wood shards.


Wooden windsor chairs

The wooden windsor chair is a popular wooden chair made of bent (shaped on a lathe), with a slender spindle inserted into a solid saddle.These spindles extend down the leg and up the back and arm rest.The Windsor chair has many regional styles and is popular in the United Kingdom and the United States.

1. The whole white elephant wood is made of north American FAS grade white oak, with beautiful shape

2.The details are delicate, hard, smooth and immaculate

3.Bottom reinforced, slightly concave seating surface

The wooden windsor chairs size




Wooden windsor chairs


Solid wooden


The chair is our hot selling product.The design is accord with ergonomic,which is comfortable


Economical,fashionable and comfortable design

Widely used in restaurant,cafe,hotel,school,home


1.Ocean transportation, air transportation, express delivery, centralized shipment, etc

2.Assembly: provide solid wood seat technical guidance

3.Special service: accept mixed or small orders

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