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chair cushions

We can provide memory foam cushions with 4 kinds of color and welcome to see the details information and watch the production process blow .
You can choose the color from the following items and if you have your own design of color , stlye or logo ,you could call us too .we would try our best to solve your peoblems .

· Specially designed cushions ,suitable for the most chairs of blossomfurnishings.
· Portablility , suitable for the wedding ,bars and other places.
· Quality filling , soft feeling with good support
· Detachable & Washable coat
· Firmly bandage




· Specially designed cushions ,suitable for the most chairs of blossomfurnishings.

· Portablility , suitable for the wedding ,bars and other places. 

· Quality filling , soft feeling with good support

· Detachable & Washable coat

· Firmly bandage

· All the material of the cushions are tasted




1 . dimension figure

Suitable dimension for 35*35 and most chairs of blossomfurnishings , with good use of the bandage , you could find a larger scope .


2 . cushions gallery

We show the HD detail of the cushions in the gallery , including the zipper , corner , filling and bandage . We will prove that all the details with good quality and the Blossomfurnishings could provide good product for the clients . Welcome the client to visit our company .


3 . production process

Blossomfurnishings have own factories for chairs and cushions . We will show our cushions factory and the production process that make clients have more understanding for Blossomfurnishings and our product .



blossomfurnishings provide a good work environment for workers that make the employee concentrate on product and make it better . Most of the workers are experienced and familier to their job .

cutting process

Blossomfurnishings workers cut the cloth to suitable format for further process

tailoring process

blossomfurnishings workers sew the format cloth to be the coat for cushions .

pressing process

blossomfurnishings workers use iron to ironing the cushions for making the coat cling to the filling .

packaging process

blossomfurnishings workers use foil-type plastic bag packaging the cushions for keeping the cushions clean

mass production

blossomfurnishings provide effective and strong packages for mass production

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