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classic thonet NO.14 chair rattan seat

classic thonet NO.14 chair rattan seat

More than 80 million chairs have been sold worldwide since the chair was introduced in 1859.Its signature design is made from six hand-bent beech poles, two bolts and 10 screws,Because of its light weight, attractive price, and legendary durability and strength,
The chair quickly found its place in Vienna coffee shop, earning it the nickname coffee chair.


With its reliable bentwood structure and simple form. This classic thonet NO.14 chair rattan seat has been produced continuously for more than 150 years. The designer made the back and back of the chair from a piece of bentwood. He perfected the bentwood process for chair-making, Save expensive and time-consuming hand-sculpting.The chair is elegant, light and surprisingly strong.The chair is already ubiquitous in cafes and restaurants around the world.


We are professional furniture manufacturer named Qingdao Blossom Furnishings Limited. The company is founded in 2006. We also have our own factory which covers an area of 60000 m². It is one of the greatest furniture factories specializing in manufacturing all kinds of  wooden chairs in Qingdao, especially classic thonet NO.14 chairs. Meanwhile, we have office for customer documents and sales team in the center of Qingdao city. Besides, we attend CANTON FAIR ( Chinese export and import fair) and show our wooden tiffany chairs there. Moreover, we have showroom on B2B websites.

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Customer from all over the world come to visit out factory or company every month.They wanted to know the process about our classic NO.14 thonet chairs and then they would place an order for the classic NO.14 thonet chairs.

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