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origin of thonet chair

2016-08-23 17:34:10

The dynamic curve and pressing radian of number 14 thonet chair always remind people of reminiscence for old cafe.These unspectacular chairs are the revolutionary product of modern industry.
Until 19C,most of traditional chairs are made by man.However,with the development of modern society,it' a trendency for manufacturer to explore massive production model depend on new technology and receive the test of new trade market.In 1930s,Michael Thonet established the first furniture factory manufacturer in Austria named "Thonet".
In 1859,Thonet lanuched a new product which is composed by only six pieces of steam pressing bent wood,ten screws and two cushions.It soon blow a hot wave in the Europe for its advantages like low cost,short lead time,light weight,easy transit and durablity.Konsumstuhl,that's the nickname of it well accepted by people.
LeCorbusier was very fond of number 14 chair.Like he said,I've never seen a product with that elegant and excellent design which is more delicate and useful than other products.Now,it've become the symbol of leisure coffe culture.
Until now,different versions of thonet chair are still on production line with original shape and different material,like welded metal pipe,however,this kind of chair is far away from its original design cocept.
As the most normal furnish in cafe and bar,thonet chair is possibly the most well-known chair for its highest production and most abundant meaning in the history.