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wandering tables

If you want a special party,you can choose our wandering table. It can be anything you want,because if can be put anywhere,so any venue. Round or curvy. This will make the venue very special and beautiful. The wandering table is the most popular for party rental companies,hotels and event venues. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.In many modern homes,tables with movable leaves are a popular choice. These tables can be adjusted for special activities.


Most folding tables and chairs have steel frame and a contemporary design made of high-density polyethylene. Steel frame offers a strong foundation and is protected with a weather-resistant and powder-coated finish. Custom made flexible tables and chairs are ideal for organizations and institutions that face space crunch during meetings.

Product display

A single curving table can be placed in a corner, making full use of space and not wasted.

Combination of 2 tables-wave design.Suitable for small activities or family gatherings.

Put a tablecloth on the table to decorate it very nicely.

If you have enough room to move around,you can put it in this shape and save a lot of space.

You can also put a wandering table in this shape so that people can go to the middle and pick their food.

Combinations of 4 tables-Round table.It can also be placed in a circle with something in the middle,such as gifts,decorations and so on.

A party on a field lawn with a wandering table can be folded up and stored at the end of the party and easily transported.


1. Folding, easy to use and easy to transport

2.Light weight,strong and durable

3.Materials resistant to climate and pollution can be easily cleaned

4. Uv protection, powder coated steel frame design, suitable for indoor or outdoor use

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