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wooden round folding tables

wooden round folding tables

Folding tables come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes, and are ideal for indoor or outdoor activities, banquets, parties, and even medical and institutional USES.Thanks to its foldable design, they offer a way to convert an empty room into a restaurant or lecture hall in a matter of minutes and maximize storage space when not in use.You can learn about the right desk for you through our website.


Product details:

Table/surface - hard, flat surface, located on top of the table frame, usually made of wood, plastic, melamine, or laminate.

T mold - usually made of resin or vinyl, placed on the edge of the table to prevent scratches, abrasions and dents and to help improve overall life.It also offers a finished, professional look.

Locking mechanism - a metal part attached to the table leg below the table top, which can be locked in place by the user to ensure safety and stability.After use, only the mechanical device can be opened to fold the table legs.

Additional support is attached to the legs on either side of the table for extra durability.

Skirt board - a thick stick directly under the table to distribute the weight evenly.

Frame/leg - powerful support system for the desktop with a variety of styles and materials that effectively balance the weight of the table surface and suit the end-user's needs.

Foot cover - a rubber or plastic glider mounted on the bottom of the table leg to prevent the floor from being scratched or scuffed.The lid also minimizes noise, nuisance noise, when the table is manipulated.

Round and oval folding tables allow customers to sit face to face with guests so they can talk easily.Versatility and functionality, from parties and banquets to conferences, are all good.They are also the perfect seating layout for a gourmet event or wedding reception.However, while they help to break up an aesthetic space, they do reduce the seating capacity of the entire building.

The wooden round folding table is the most common form of banquets.Some activities may include banquet hall activities, weddings, anniversaries, company events, etc.The round table is usually found in the banquet hall, country club, party rental company or anywhere that needs a big round table, mainly for sitting down to eat.Sometimes the tables are set up during "casino night" events, where they can be used to play card games.Round tables are usually decorated with tablecloths to make the banquet more elegant and elegant.

All of our round tables are 30 inches high (the industry standard table height) and come in three sizes :36, 48 and 60 inches wide.


36 "round table - this size table can seat up to 4 people.It's the perfect table for small parties or occasions with limited space.This table can also be used for guest registration, gift table, silent auction, etc.

54 "Round table - this size table can hold 6 people comfortably.You may need around 30 guests at a party and you want a more comfortable/intimate setting.

60 "round table banquet - this is the most common size of the banquet table for most of any event.It can hold up to eight people.For most big receptions, like weddings, it's very good.


We package our wooden round folding table with a layer by polypropylene bags,air form and leatherette to avoid scratch and damage in the course of transit.

The loading of the wooden round folding tables(according to your requirements): 

Ø loading with box
Ø loading without box

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