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wooden thonet chair update model

This chair is made by combining the NO.18 thonet chair and the crossback chair. The upper back part is made of the no. 18 thonet chair.Double n structure, seat plate and chair front leg, double fork support, all adopted the structure of popular crossback chair,So it can also be called a crossback Thonet chair, which is a very special chair.Applicable to any place, restaurant, cafe, family can be used, suitable for any style of decoration.


Product details:

1. The back of the chair is made of NO.18 thonet chair with double n structure.

2.The seat plate and chair legs under this chair adopt the structure of the crossback chair.

3.The back of the chair is also attached to the board with a nail, so the chair is very strong and durable. It’s durability is beyond your imagination.

4.This is the structure under the chair, and it's well done. You can see from the picture that it's very firm.

5.A triangular piece of wood is used between the legs of the chair and the seat plate to secure the legs and seat plate.

6.This area of the chair is the same as the crossback chair, which makes the chair more stable.

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